Story Prompt #24

Character prompt:

Write about a warrior who is tired of fighting, but ends up getting pulled into a fight regardless. It could be something as simple as bar fight and they step in because they don’t want the place that serves the best beer to be ruined, to something as large as war where they feel honor-bound to fight, to being ambushed and simply needing to fight to survive.

Think about your character’s motivations and needs, and what would push them into doing something they otherwise would take pains not to do.

Feel free to post anything you come up with in the comments or let me know if you have any questions.

Story Prompt #21

Scenario Prompt:

Take two characters from two of your favorite books and have them have a conversation. It could be anything from them meeting in an inn and talking about their adventures to bickering about the best way to make rabbit stew in a cooking competition.

Have fun with it and if you wish to share anything this prompt generates feel free to do so in the comments.

Story Prompt #18

Scenario Prompt:

It’s the first time a witch has ever summoned a familiar. She’s worried because all the spells she’s cast have never quite turned out the way they’re supposed to. For instance when she tried to call a thunderstorm to help with the drought last summer it lasted three weeks, not the prescribed three hours, and when she mixed a truth potion the recipient had to tell the truth through a bout of sneezes.

Story Prompt #11

Scenario Prompt:

Have two characters in a setting together–a room, a coffee shop, a car–and ask yourself “what if?”. What if one the characters just told a secret they’ve never said aloud before? What if a coffee addict decides to rob the coffee shop of all its flavors of coffee? What if the car gets stolen by aliens?

Ask “what if?” and whatever pops into your head, the very first thing, write about it no matter how odd or stereotypical it is. And then as you’re writing keep asking yourself that question to see where it leads. You might end up with a broken friendship, an interesting group of robbers, a war fought throughout the galaxy through car racing, and/or something else entirely. That’s the fun of it:)

Feel free to post anything in the comments that this inspires or contact me if you have any questions!