Story Prompt #39

First line prompt:

There was little more dangerous than time stealers making their rounds on sunny day.


On the Matter of Never Having Enough Time

Hello Fiction Lovers!

This week I thought I’d step away from the more technical side of writing and throw my two cents in about something people love to complain and give advice about: not having enough time to do the things we want to do, the things we have to do, and the things others want us to do. I know I’ve complained about the amount of classes and homework I have, the number of clubs I’m participating in, the lack of weekends because of my part-time job, the cost of procrastinating, and not having enough time to pick up all the hobbies I want to do, read all the books I want to read, watch all the shows that vie for my attention. I complain everyday as well as swapped advice even though I dislike the fact that I do so.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should care? Perhaps you would like to point out that I’m participating in those very acts right now? In reply, at the risk of sounding pompous, I’ll say that you should care because that focus on time is part of what’s hindering us and I know. There have been nights when I’ve lain awake worrying about the lack of time to take care of all my responsibilities and wants and realized that I wasted more than it’s fair share of time worrying about time and effectively doing nothing but making myself feel guilty. Doing so doesn’t help. I realized, too, that I wasn’t enjoying the activities I was participating in as much because I was always worried about the next thing and how much time everything took. To tell the truth I still am, but accepting that I’m only this busy because I decided to do all these things has helped a bit, brought some of the fun back instead of feeling as though I was slowly being compressed.

This worry–obsession–with time stems somewhat from my culture of things always needing to get better, quicker, faster. It makes it difficult to enjoy the moment and remember that not every moment of everyday has to be productive. We–or at least I do–need downtime to recuperate, think through things, breathe so we don’t end up pushing too hard and breaking. There is a balance to be found and I am still working on finding it, especially since I tend to like to binge things (binge watch, binge read, binge work). It’s not so much the matter of not having enough time as learning to be selective, know what’s important, not be a pushover. It’s understanding that time isn’t a commodity that’s continually slipping through my fingers, but something I should be glad to have at all. It might sound cliche, but I think if I started appreciating time more instead of complaining and worrying about it, I’d find I suddenly have more of it.

Thanks for reading and listening to my musing. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to post your thoughts in the comments. I hope you all have a great week!

Story Prompt #28

Setting prompt:

A kitchen full of old, nearly broken appliances. The fridge’s door is hanging off it’s hinges, the counters are full of scratches and one’s even dented. Glass from the shattered window glints on lopsided table. The pitchfork shoved in the wooden floor looks like this is it’s final resting spot and it very nearly didn’t get there.